While comprising only 2 parts as conventional pots, MICHNIK ® pot 8 in 1  is safer and saves time, space, water, and money when utilized also as a gradually adjustable strainer, gradually adjustable filter, gradually adjustable pitcher, hot pad, dish or plate, lockable container, traditional or water saving colander, multi-spoon rest.

The lid comprises a sealing area and openings gradually changing in size around the lid. When the lid is rotated off the sealing position to a desired straining position, it locks automatically to the pot permitting manual straining without holding the lid. In addition, the pot can be left in a sink on a side or upside down  for self-straining allowing user to do something else while keeping the content warmer if compare with a traditional separate strainer. As the result, a need for a separate strainer is eliminated freeing kitchen space and saving money; the user is protected from burns  when straining; and even if the pot is dropped accidentally, loss of food is prevented protecting in the same time children and adults from burning by escaped hot content.

The locked pot can be placed into, or removed from, a refrigerator and carried around the kitchen by one hand. Rotating the lid permits gradual adjustment of a speed and volume of straining, vapor escape, and filtering of liquid and dry contents - for example, choose smaller openings for rice, medium for peas, and larger for pasta or corn.

The pot and the lid are easy to clean – they have no hidden spots and are dishwasher safe; they also prevent splashing on a stovetop when adjusting the lid. Multi-ply bottom for even heat distribution, compatibility with any size or type cooktop including induction, heavy stock food grade stainless steel, futuristic design of 21st century, and exceptional craftsmanship will provide you with years of impeccable service.