* Strain or dispense manually without holding the lid or leave it in a sink to self-strain while doing something else.

* Gradually adjustable volume and speed of straining, vapor escape, and filtering of liquid and dry contents.

* Keeps content warmer when, and after, straining.

* The lid locks automatically to the pot when rotated to any of straining positions adjustable gradually.

* The lid unlocks automatically from the pot when content is sealed or ready to be removed.

* Protects from burns, and prevents loss of a meal, when straining or accidentally dropped.

* Functions also as at least 8 more cookware utilities.

* Easy to clean – prevents splashing on a stove, no hidden spots, and dishwasher safe.

* Convenient – carry around the kitchen, place into, and remove from a refrigerator, by one hand.

* Effortless to use – adjust the lid by one hand.

* Prevents misplacing or losing the lid.

* Lock and store inside smaller utensils.

Additional vapor circulation along the lid perimeter for improved taste of food.

Super capsule bottom for efficient heat conduct and distribution.

Comparable or better results as with cast iron dutch ovens.

Works on any kind of cooktops including induction.

Compatible with any size cooktops including framed.

Pot handles and body are fused together for strength, leak prevention, and modern look.

All handles stay cool