Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Great cooking utensil. Seems to disperse heat very evenly, and uses less energy than other pots I've used.
By D_  Verified Purchase
I like the lid that lock when you rotate the lid. I needed a pot smaller than a gallon and more than a quart, and this is 3 quart pot. The handles do get too warm to touch and you need pot holders; the base is nice and heavy. Cleans up well and when bringing milk almost to a boil it does scorch a little but rinses off with a sponge.
By private  Verified Purchase
Really heavy, high quality pot. Works well on my induction cooktop. Strainer works with lid locked on, albeit slowly.
By Brittany H.  Verified Purchase
I'm one of those people that has a million different pots and pans and strainers. I don't want to spend too much money but will pay reasonable for quality. I LOVE the Michnik cookware! It's large enough to cook pasta and things for the entire family plus guests, it's easy to clean, and it's overall convenient. The best part is the strainer lid that locks in place...I haven't burnt myself once!!! I would totally recommend this and will certainly purchase for friends and family as gifts.
By Amie F.  Verified Purchase
The MICHNIK has been the perfect addition to my family's cookware.  Now that we've been using it for awhile, it's hard to imagine not having it in the kitchen.  It's one of those inventions that seems so simple in concept, yet you find yourself wondering, how did we live without this thing?  It's simple, attractive and effective, and it makes life easier in the kitchen.  Enough said.
By Kyle C.  Verified Purchase